DISCIPLE Fast Track Study Groups begin in September

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Is DISCIPLE Bible Study Fast Track for you? If you have felt a nudging to dive deeper into God’s Word, or develop a daily habit of reading your Bible, or maybe you are feeling led to open your Bible for the very first time… DISCIPLE Bible Study is for you!

Study groups will begin meeting in September. Register by clicking the button below. Participating in this 24-week in-depth Bible study is transformative in understanding the character of God and His love shown through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Such transformation moves us to respond by next steps of action by sharing this news with others and evidencing this kind of love and grace to our community and our larger world.

Contact Pam Smith at pamsmith1301@gmail.com or Laura Campbell at lcampbell@ststephenumc.net with questions.

“Disciple Fast Track is an amazing experience! It’s not only an engaging and interesting approach to understand the breadth of the Bible, but also a wonderful way to build lasting bonds with a small group of ‘disciples’ on a shared journey!” — Dave Weaver

“Disciple has given me a strong foundation to understand the broader meaning of the Bible. The study puts context into God’s word so that we can understand not only the original meaning but how to apply it to our lives today. The bonds I built with the other class members has been a tremendous blessing, getting to know old and new friends on a deep spiritual level. I highly recommend the study for anyone who is curious!” — Susi Robinson