Thank You!

Your gift helps to create and implement ministries that change lives, transform communities, and spread the Good News of Christ. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful gifts and tithes.

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One-Time Gifts
You can make a one-time gift to St. Stephen. Please email if you would to designate your gift, or make it in honor or memory of someone special. Alternately, you can mail or bring a check to the church with your honorarium/memorial/designation information.

Make a One-Time Gift

Recurring Gifts
Recurring gifts can be made online. Many choose to give online weekly, monthly, or at some other frequency instead of bringing cash or checks to place in an offering plate. Click the button below and be sure to choose “Repeating gift” in the giving options. You must login or already be logged in to CCB to make a recurring gift. Click here for detailed instructions on how to make a recurring gift.

Make a Recurring Gift

Learn More About Giving

What is CCB?
CCB, or “Church Community Builder,” is the platform St. Stephen uses to manage members, small groups, events, and giving. If you are a guest, you can make a one-time gift without having a CCB account. If you do not have a CCB account and would like to make a recurring gift, please send us an email at

Your giving form is asking for a designation. What does this mean?
If you are a guest and are making a one-time gift, we encourage you to designate your gift to the General Fund, which helps to cover the general expenses of the church. You may opt to designate your gift to the Pastor’s Relief Fund, which is used to offer financial assistance to church members and community members in need. Other designation options may vary throughout the year. If you remain unsure and do not designate your gift, it will default to the General Fund.

Gain, Save, Give:
Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, lived his financial life by three maxims: Gain all you can, save all you can, give all you can. Wesley set the same standard of living for himself and his family throughout his life, even has his income grew far beyond his once modest living. He remarked: “What should rise is not the Christian’s standard of living, but the standard of giving.”

Avoid debt:
Wesley also cautioned us to avoid debt. St. Stephen welcomes your gift, but we encourage you to avoid using credit cards or otherwise going into debt to help support the church. If you do not have the means, save your money for your family. Your presence as a brother and sister in Christ is gift enough.

Gifts come in all forms:
Your gifts to St. Stephen, the wider church, and your wider community can come in many forms. Some can give monetarily. Others may be able to serve. Whether you give of your time, talent, or treasure, please know that your contributions to the life of St. Stephen are welcomed, valued, and appreciated.

Read more about John Wesley and giving.