Introducing Common Table: Where Good Food Meets God’s Grace

St. Stephen UMC   -  

Members of St. Stephen are invited to celebrate the launch of Common Table, a new, ecumenical ministry launching this month, in partnership with St. John’s Baptist Church and St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church. This new ministry is designed to reach a wide variety of people, including folks who have little experience with the church or have experienced past church trauma, through free monthly dinner events, conversation, and community.

About Common Table:
Common Table is an open community of believers and seekers, invited to gather around a common table, share a meal, and engage in deep and meaningful conversation about things that matter, especially spiritual things. Out of these experiences, an intentional community is born, providing space for healing, exploring our faith journeys, and strengthening our relationships with each other and with God, as we determine how best we can live our lives as followers of Jesus.

Members of St. Stephen and our partner churches are invited to experience a soft launch event on April 18, 6:30-8:30pm at VBGB at the Music Factory in Uptown. You can RSVP now for free.

Common Table’s story:
Six months in the making, what began with a spark of an idea with one person caught flame among two, then three, then twelve! We’re a group of mostly younger folks looking to connect, build new relationships, think deeply and meaningfully about our spiritual lives, and find new ways of being and doing community.

We’re all involved in our three partner churches — some as staff, some as volunteers. We each have our own stories and experiences why we — along with our family members and friends — maybe don’t trust “the church,” have had past “church hurt,” or think “the church” should be doing better. We wanted to find a way to bring people like us, and like you, together for fun times with food, friendship, and conversation.

In a final visioning meeting last month at Urban District Market in NoDa, Common Table was born, and we’re hosting the very first monthly dinner on Sunday, April 21, 6pm, at VBGB at the Music Factory. It’s free! And we hope to see you there!

We’re starting out with these key values:
– We value relationships over rigid dogma
– We believe good food and good friendship help build community
– We value safety, in all its forms
– We value respect, where our differences don’t separate us but only make us stronger
– We value inclusion, and believe in the full inherent worthy and dignity of women, people of color, those with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community
– Our events are always free

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