Life Essentials: Worship
Jesse Enniss   -  

As we enter a time of annual renewal, we’re winding back our faith journey and turning toward the essentials. Join us every week until Lent for our new series exploring some of the foundational lessons and principles that support our journey as followers of Jesus. So far, we’ve explored the Golden RuleForgiveness, and Serving Others. This week, we explore Worship.

Sermon Reflections:

  1. Understanding Worship: How do you define worship in your own life, and in what ways do you see it as a response to the revelation of God?
  2. Personal Worship Practices: Reflect on your daily life and identify moments or practices that you consider acts of worship. How do these align with the sermon’s perspective on worship as a life of devotion to God?
  3. Creation’s Praise: Pastor Jesse draws from Psalm 148, emphasizing praise from all of creation. How do you participate in this universal chorus of praise in your everyday actions and decisions?
  4. Idolatry in the Modern World: Pastor Jesse addresses modern forms of idolatry, like prioritizing money or human institutions. Identify any potential ‘idols’ in your life and consider how you might refocus that attention or reliance back onto God.
  5. Revelation and Response: Reflect on a recent moment when you felt God’s presence or a revelation in your life. How did you respond to this experience, and how might you incorporate a more consistent response to God’s revelations in your daily routine?
  6. Worship Beyond Sundays: Pastor Jesse suggests that true worship extends beyond formal church services. How can you more fully integrate worship into all aspects of your life, from work and family interactions to solitary moments?